Transcendental Meditation – TM: A Scientific Perspective by Quantum Physicist John Hagelin

Transcendental Meditation, also known as TM, is a form of meditation that produces many wellness benefits such as: greater inner calm throughout the day, reduction in anxiety and depression, normalized blood pressure, lower risk of heart attack and stroke, reduced cortisol (known as the “stress” hormone”), reduced insomnia, and also improved learning ability and memory.  Unlike other forms of meditation that typically focus on breathing or chanting, TM encourages a “restful state of mind beyond thinking” according to the Cleveland Clinic of Wellness.

Fortunately for me, I was lucky to be a part of the wonderful hardworking team at Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC) in Bakersfield, California where TM is taught to their employees free of charge in hopes to make for a better work environment, which it did.  I learned TM about five years ago, and I can say that it has significantly impacted my life in a positive way.

I was a little skeptical of learning TM because I was taught that meditation was looked down up in my religion (I was young and stupid).  When I began to age and was employed by CBCC, I began to start making my own decisions in my life no matter what others (mainly my family) thought of me.  After sitting down with the TM teacher by the name of John Freeman, I chose to make the choice that I would learn this meditation practice simply because I wanted to be more open minded.  Little did I know that I would truly enjoy it.

TM is teaches you how to draw your attention to your pure consciousness.  You’re still awake and able to hear your surrounding, yet you’re in the most relaxing and beautiful place Transcendental-Meditationchartmentally; i’ve never experienced anything close to it whatsoever.  After the third time of TM, I was addicted.  The settling of the mind during transcendental meditation is the most calm experience i’ve yet to come by.  Even popular celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres and Jerry Seinfeld talk about the positive benefits to Transcendental Meditation.  Now, some schools on the east coast are implementing TM techniques in the classroom which has proven to promote tranquility and improve grades/conduct.  With that said, TM has been proving itself moreover again.

If you’re researching or looking around for meditation practices that intrigue you, please check out and look for teachers near you.

I highly recommend it!



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