Surfing Blacks Beach

Surfing is a passion that I have picked up over the past year that has truly changed my life.  After living in San Diego for over 2 years, I have always talked about learning how to surf, however, I never picked up a surf board until earlier this year.  Now, I can’t even describe the impact that surfing has had on me both physically and mentally.  For me, there’s not a better feeling than the feeling you have after a long surf session and just being in the water.

One of the problems that occur to many beginner surfers is the crowd.  I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been a little hesitant to get in the water just because I wasn’t confident enough in my skills when there are a bunch of others out there with you.  But how can you learn if you never get out there?  Regardless, there are going to be surfers out there, so you just have to suck it up and build up that confidence.  I’ve had tons of experiences where I have had others get in my way and vice versa, yet you learn from both yours and their mistakes, which is why I love this sport;  it’s a constantly learning curve where you learn more and more every time you paddle out.

For beginners, I recommend learning where I started learning is in North Pacific Beach out of Tourmaline.  It can be pretty chaotic at times, but these waves are definitely the best to learn on given that they’re pretty mellow, and half the crowd out there is probably at the same level you are.  If you happen to cause some grief with someone who is more experienced (it happens to all of us), don’t let it discourage you.  Let it be a lesson where you learn for next time.

Surfer trekking to Blacks Beach with a Vulcan Surfboard

Surfer trekking to Blacks Beach with a Vulcan Surfboard

One of my favorite surf spots is Blacks Beach.  If you can get over the old naked dudes swaying their junk around (Blacks is the only nude beach in San Diego), you’ll have a blast. It’s my favorite spot simply because there usually aren’t too many people out there probably because you have to hike down a super gnarly path (roughly 1/2 mile down crazy stairs) then hike about half a mile to the spot.  The waves here are definitely much steeper compared to Tourmaline / Law street, but I tend to have more fun here given the exploration you have to take in order to get to the spot.  If you’re up to a physical challenge, I highly recommend Blacks Beach.

Blacks Beach Surfboard

Ready to shred the crystal clear water at Blacks Beach


Begging the trek back to the Glider parking lot from Blacks Beach

Begging the trek back to the Glider parking lot from Blacks Beach

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