Lawyer Quits to Become Yoga Instructor and Surfer

It’s mind-blowing to me to watch the struggle between money, power, and happiness that often goes through our heads, yet there are a handful of us who tend to overlook money and power in search to achieve overall happiness.  From movies to media, the want to be successful and rich is constantly drilled into our heads.

Though there is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful, the pair of success and happiness is often separated or lost when we get stuck in the grove of contentment, which is why Michael Fukumura went from being a very successful Lawyer in Washington, D.C., to a yoga instructor and surfing fanatic.

Don’t ever settle for less and keep driving to find your inner bliss!

Executive Producer and Director: Shawn Efran
Director of Photography: Jimmy Hammond –
In-Water Photographer: Todd Glaser
Production Assistant: Julian Martin
Editor: Brandon Kieffer –
Coordinating Producer: Brady Leifer
Production Assistant: Kait Walsh



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