Interview With House Producer Louke

In today’s write up we have a rising Producer|DJ Jameall Thomas who goes by the alias of LOUKE. Jameall grew up in South Central, Ca most of his childhood then moved to Bakersfield, Ca to finish his high school years. As a phenom athlete in high school playing football and soccer he was one of the best with a town of talent playing against one of San Diego Chargers own Ryan Mathews and more. LOUKE later became interested in playing the sport of paintball where he became one of the fastest in the sport and in just one year of playing the support he was giving the opportunity to play the sport professionally.

After several years while playing the World Cup of Paintball tournament in Florida he was invited to his first massive rave and this is where it all began as an artist in 2012. In just two years, LOUKE worked on his craft and not taking no as an answer he was inspired by some around him and began to DJ and produce his own music. At the time he was living in Huntington Beach, Ca playing several local bars and clubs LOUKE continued to work on his skills and progressed while getting in touch with Russian duo “Sour’n’Sweet” LOUKE and the group make their first hit. Their track “Inverse” took as it was released June 16th, 2014 on Italian label Musical Noize.jameallchart “Inverse” hit the Beatport charts and wasted no time climbing to the top reaching #12 on the Electro-House chart and #56 on the main Beatport TOP100 charts getting support from several major artist such as Deniz Koyu, Danny Avila, Stafford Brothers, Victor Nigilio, and The Crystal Method.

Now for a first release what more could you ask for. With LOUKE now living in San Diego, Ca we got the chance to meet with him and we asked “With your first release making to the charts did it change things for you in life as in your music?” (LOUKE says): “Yeah! by Inverse reaching the charts at the time i was one of two in my area to have a big release this year in my area besides Andr3x in Orange County, but it really showed me who were my friends and who was fake lol.” So we asked “Do you have anything cooking up in the studio and anyone you are working with or would like to work with?” (LOUKE says): “umm! Yeah! I have been in the studio a lot and just trying to better myself and my craft i have been working with one of my great friends from New York goes by “PYRO” and DimMak artist Janpier. I would love to make a track with everyone but if i had to pick two i would say Stafford Brothers and Deorro.” Well thanks LOUKE good luck this year you are killing it! LOUKE: Thanks trying playa lol.



You can find LOUKE on Soundcloud, Facebook and all the other social media sites with links below.



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