Germany beats Brazil in FIFA World Cup 2014 and Left Fans Crying

My condolences go out to all of those die-hard Brazil futbol fans out there as team Brazil got completely destroyed by Germany in the 2014 World Cup.  Within the first half, Germany scored 5 goals leaving Brazil without any chances to make a single goal.  Four out of those five goals were scored within a five minute period, which was has been the first time that has happened since Poland in the 1970’s.  The stadium soon realized after those 4 goals that there was no hope for Brazil progressing into the FIFA World Cup 2014 Finals.

Though Brazil didn’t have the star players Thiago Silva and Neymar, I really don’t think they stood a chance after watching Germany’s performance today.

Here are some takes of how the Brazilian Fan’s felt after absolute domination by German:





This die-hard fan was put on broadcast multiple times as she cried her heart out.


 Brazilian coach reaching for a gun 😉



Germany destroyed Brazil

Meanwhile, Germans celebrate their win…







Brazil 1 – Germany 7 in FIFA World Cup 2014 hosted in Brazil

Germany beats Brazil in FIFA World Cup 2014

Don’t worry Brazil. there’s always next World Cup.. in four years..

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