EASY Instructions On Creating Your Own Website

Do you have a great idea?

Do you want to transcribe that idea into a website accessible to the internet but don’t know where to begin?

It’s easy and I’ll show you how!

First off, if you are not very computer and/or tech savvy, don’t worry because I’ll show you step by step instructions on how to create your own personal or business website from scratch without forking out tons of money to a third party.

  1. Every great idea has to have a name, brand, and domain (ex: www.BRANDNAMEGOESHERE.com) associated to it.  For example, google’s domain name is known as google.COM.  A domain can end with whatever preferred ending you would like depending on availability.  Ex: .COM, .NET, . ORG, etc).  Next your domain needs to be registered (typically costs around $10) by a domain registrar which are found all over the internet.


Here’s a couple popular registrar’s for you to choose from: godaddy25percent

*By click on the link above or picture on the side, you will save 25% on your first order!*

  • HostGator is another registrar provider that has been around for a while that is also very reliable.

*By entering promo code ‘discount247‘, you will save 25% on your first order!*


2.  Secondly, when you have registered a domain with GoDaddy or HostGator, you will have to purchase web hosting which is used to keep your domain up and running on the internet which can range from anywhere to $1/month-$10/month depending on what you plan on creating.

I typically recommend to purchase hosting with the same company you purchased your domain from, however, if you find hosting at a cheaper and better price with another company, that is not a problem;  it’s just a couple extra steps you’ll have to do with your hosting to link it up with your domain so that your site will be live and viewable on the internet.

Here’s a link to web hosting by HostGator that’ll give you a nice savings and comes with a free website builder!


Now, once you have purchased a domain and web hosting, you are ready to start designing your new website!


For beginners who have no experience working with complex designing programs and back-end developing, the user-friend website builder I would recommend would be WordPress where they have hundreds of free website templates (layouts) that you can choose from.  Also, they have Premium templates that individuals such like yourself have created for the public for a small fee.

  1. Step one after purchasing web hosting would be for you to login to your web hosting with the information that the Registrar company e-mailed you (GoDaddy/HostGator), and install WordPress 4.0 to your domain.

*Here’s a youtube video with step-by-step instructions on doing so if you have hosting with GoDaddy ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65KXUL5Uh2U )*

  • After installing WordPress, you are ready to select your website template (Design) and start customizing your website to your personal satisfaction!
  • Typically after you have installed WordPress on your hosting, make sure you write down the Admin username and Admin Password you selected because you’ll need it to log in and edit your website.
  • To log in to your website you type – www.YOURDOMAINNAMEGOESHERE.com/wp-admin/ – then you can being customizing.


Here’s another video link to show you the fundamentals of working with WordPress.

If you are not sold on WordPress, that’s not a problem.  Both GoDaddy and HostGator offer website builder aids as part of a package when you purchase web hosting and/or a domain through them.  (They generally give a bundle deal when doing so)


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