Cheap Taco Salad for College Students

My friends often make fun of me when they come over because i’m always eating this same dish… but the reason why I’m always eating this dish is that first, it is quite tasty and easy to make.  Secondly, it’s is a cheap taco salad meal!  For those of you who are college students and find yourself facing the food dilemma problem, here’s an easy, fast, and delicious dish to prepare even if you have no cooking experience.


College Kid’s Taco Salad:


– 1 lb of ground turkey (lean ground beef if you prefer)

– 1 14.5 oz can of organic pinto or black beans (strain for less sodium if preferred)

– 1 small white onion

– 1 packet of taco seasoning msg free (if you feel confident enough, you can search up your own spices / modify it your own way)

– 1 head of ice burg lettuce

– TOPPINGS IF DESIRED: sour cream, cilantro, shredded mexican-blend cheese, hot sauce


– On high heat, insert the ground turkey and chopped onion into the pan

– Brown the turkey meat until cooked then drain the excess fat / juice

– Pour in spices, water, and beans (read taco spice package for precise directions) into the ground turkey

– Simmer covered on low heat for five minutes

– Chop ice burg lettuce and serve together

**Add Brown rice for extra carbs**

Hope you enjoy the College Meal for College Students!

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