The Bakersfield Video

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the skateboarding community in Bakersfield, CA, it’s about to progressively change when the new thebakersfieldvideo drops.  Michael (Cantsee) Allen and Tanner Kitchen are beyond amazing when it comes to filming and editing, which makes me more excited for when the bakersfield video drops.  It’s a plethora of talented skateboarders from the Bakersfield area combined into one video that’s going to blow your mind.

With that said, here’s a little list (sorry if I forgot to mention your name, please comment and i’ll include) of the skateboarders in the upcoming the Bakersfield video

Skateboarding Parts consist from:

1. Dylan Williams (Girl Skateboards, Lakai Footwear, Crailtap, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Coalatree Clothing, Active Rideshop) – Insta – @dylanthedr







2. Bryce Hudson (Vox Footwear, Surfride, and Coalatree) – Insta @redeyed_goat







3. Trevor Mccune (Primative and eS)







And guest appearances from other Bakersfield skateboarders and the INSPECTRUM team such as Adam Estrada, Andy Drennan, and Matt Guerrero.  Also, there may be surprise appearances from Devine Calloway, Everen Stallion, Sid Melvin, Michael Allen, and others!

Once you think you have seen it all, if you skate with these fellas, you’ll soon realize that you definitely haven’t seen it all.  From technical ledge tricks to jumping down the hollywood high 16, the skateboarding world is definitely in for a treat.


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Don’t forget to watch the trailer on the upcoming The Bakersfield Video.

Article written by Austin Stout


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