Magical Natural-Healing Pimple Eraser


Never Fear A Pimple Again – Nearly Invisible Patch Heals & Hides Them FAST!

Sponsored by Dream Dots | Tuesday, October 16th 2018

“With more than 2.5 MILLION sold, this new beauty patch makes topical pimple creams & ointments seem so outdated – women (and even men) are freaking out about how they work!

Have you ever satisfied the irresistible need to pick and pop a pimple, only to have it come back bigger, angrier, and nastier than before? Or to find a new pimple suddenly show up next to it?

Picking at those blemishes can not only prolong healing time, but it can lead to re-infection, increasing redness, swelling, and pain. Worse, it can lead to permanent nodules, cysts, pock marks, and scars.

Unfortunately, most pimple treatments are topical solutions, like creams & ointments, that in addition to being messy and sticky, have 3 major drawbacks:

  1. They leave pimples unprotected & vulnerable to dirty fingers that pick & pop
  2. They leave red, swollen & painful pimples exposed for EVERYONE to see & gawk at
  3. They contain acids, chemicals & other ingredients that dry out, irritate & even damage healthy skin as they heal the infected pore.

But fortunately, there’s a groundbreaking new solution with NONE of these drawbacks and they are starting to sell out everywhere! Its patented design is brilliant in both its simplicity & its effectiveness. In fact, it’s so effective, don’t be shocked when you starting seeing big brands trying to copy this unique process for treating pimples.

What Is It?

It’s called Dream Dots, a NEW pimple-healing & hiding solution that is truly unlike anything you’ve ever used before – guaranteed!

These patches let you instantly hide a pimple the second one crops up. And they’re so discreet that friends, coworkers, family (or someone at the gym), won’t even notice them. It’s as if you never had a pimple to begin with.

PLUS, they actively heal pimples, while you hide them!

Dream Dots are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to change their daily routine or have their lives affected because of an unfortunate surprise pimple.

What Makes It So Unique?

Where traditional and common pimple creams and ointments fall short in the treatment & healing of pimples, Dream Dots excels. Here’s what makes Dream Dots so unique, so effective, so safe…

  • Prevents Picking & Popping – it’s a protective barrier to fingers and other external contaminants.
  • Nearly Impossible To See – translucent material and tapered edges make it naturally blend into your skin.
  • Wear Them Day or Night – wear overnight or out in broad daylight…no one’s gonna notice them!
  • Wear Makeup Over It – easily apply makeup over it for an even more natural look & feel.
  • Won’t Dry Out or Irritate Your Skin – NO salicylic acid or other harsh chemicals to irritate your skin.
  • 100% Drug Free – contains NO ACTIVE ingredients!
  • Always Ready In Emergencies – easily take them with you anywhere so you’re always prepared!

Best part is, Dream Dots are completely natural! Doctors have been using hydrocolloid as a natural way to treat and heal skin wounds for decades.

In fact, Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, says that hydrocolloid treatment is his favorite method for protecting and treating pimples. Why? Because it allows the skin to heal itself and prevents you from picking and scratching.

Where Can I Get Them?

Don’t fall for imposters that stand out like bandaids or worse, do more damage to your skin! Just go to Dream Dots official website here to get your Dream Dots.



It looks like Dream Dots still has a great deal going right now. You can get FREE Boxes of Dream Dots when you buy more than one, PLUS you’ll get FREE shipping in the USA too!

Keep a box of Dream Dots at home, in the car, at work, in a toiletry bag, anywhere! That way you’re always prepared to heal & conceal that surprise pimple when you least expect it.

Imagine Never Having To Worry…

…about that rogue pimple ruining your day again! With Dream Dots, you can now hide & heal pimples and carry about your day with the confidence of being pimple-free.