Every Woman Over 40 Needs These 5 New Products You've Never Heard Of


It’s a simple truth that most women don’t look forward to getting older. Considering society’s general attitude toward aging, it’s easy to understand why. When you cross the threshold into your 40s, your wrinkles become more pronounced, your vision may get blurrier, and your menstrual cycle may start to get a little wacky. But luckily, these products solve the problems of mature life, making it easier and fuller than ever.

1. One of the best perks of getting older is gaining wisdom. You've learned lessons that can only be taught through experience. Unfortunately, life knowledge can't help you when the inevitable happens and your car breaks down. As a woman, you've had to navigate the world of mechanics carefully because you are an easy target to be exploited for your hard-earned money. But no longer!  Finally you can diagnose your car problems - YOURSELF - right on your smartphone. When you purchase a sensor, you simply plug it into any vehicle newer than 1996 and it tells you what the problem is, how severe the repair is and how much it should cost - with absolutely no expensive diagnosis from a mechanic required. Even if your vehicle is running fine now, FIXD continuously monitors it and immediately notifies you if it detects an issue, preventing more costly repairs if it went unnoticed. FIXD even keeps track of your car's maintenance schedule for you, taking all the guesswork out of owning a car. You may not know how to fix an engine (or even how it all works) but now you can have a trustworthy mechanic right in your pocket.

2. After 40, you're busier than ever and you hold time with your loved ones close. Treasured memories are often kept through photos that instead of being shared, end up being stored in lost memory cards, unorganized computer albums or in a mysterious cloud somewhere. If you've ever searched through computer files to find a picture to show someone, then you know how complicated and time consuming it can be. Now, there is an invention to automatically do all that searching and organizing for you. You can have all your precious pictures and videos in one place without any work with the PhotoStick. You simply plug it into your computer and without downloading anything it manually searches your computer for every image and video file, removing duplicates, and then backs-up each unique memory, up to 60,000 photos! Never worry about your computer crashing and losing your most important memories again.

3. It's easy to lose things at any age, but a frustrating part of growing older can be the occasional brain fog where you must ask yourself, "Where on Earth did I put that?" A recent study found that the most commonly misplaced items are remotes, cellphones, keys and wallets - which we use everyday and can be very expensive to replace. Be proactive, save time searching and money replacing with the XY4+ Finder. The XY4+ Finder is only the size of a coin and attaches to any item you want to keep safe. If the item is lost, you can instantly find its GPS location on the Find It app or sound the alarm and hear its location for yourself. Your phone is expensive and contains valuable information about you, so keeping it safe is important. The XY4+ is extremely effective at preventing phone theft because your phone can be located even when its turned off. Don't keep replacing lost items when what you really need is the XY4+ Finder.

4. It's common that women who have never needed glasses in their life may find themselves squinting in order to distinguish small details once they've entered their 40s. Needing reading glasses for some things comes with it the challenge to keep them smudge-free while taking them on and off to use. That problem is a thing of the past with Peeps, the revolutionary way to clean glasses and keep them cleaner longer. Peeps uses a patented invisible carbon formula that works so well to eliminate oil and fingerprints instead of smearing it like cloths and sprays that NASA uses the technology. The design of Peeps has a scratch-resistant brush to first remove dust and soft microfiber pads shaped like a tong in order to wipe both sides of your eyeglasses at the same time, resulting in crystal clear lenses that stay that way longer.

5. As you enter your 40s and beyond, you will likely find that the body that you know so well begins a hormonal rollercoaster. Your periods become less predictable, you may be feeling more tired, you notice mood swings and, of course, those horrible hot flashes. Don't let the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause hold you back. Instead there's finally LadyCare, the all-natural way to treat the root cause of menopause in order to relieve over 20 symptoms. Clinically proven and backed by science and thousands of testimonials, LadyCare is a small, lightweight device that rebalances your Autonomic Nervous System through Static Magnetic Therapy. After only one month, 67% of women studied had reduced anxiety, fatigue and mood swings, a third of women had reduced hot flashes and over 90% had less indigestion. LadyCare discreetly clicks to your underwear which makes it a natural, hormone-free alternative to HRT and its many side effects. With LadyCare, say goodbye to menopause symptoms and hello to aging comfortably.